Make your party extra special with our fun party characters.

Lilly A Clown

Lilly A Clown – is great for any party. She is fun loving and approachable. Lilly A Clown is fun and energetic, and can easily add to the wow factor for any party.

Bella Rosa the Fairy

Bella Rosa the Fairy – is fantastic for any fairy themed party. Bella Rosa is a princess fairy that is able to turn your guest into the fairies of their dreams. She can provide face painting and balloon art for your guests. Ask about the special party favors package that includes anything from fairy wings to fairy magic for your guests to take home.

Holiday Elf

Holiday Elf – is available for all of your holiday parties and events. This holiday themed elf is great for a winter themed corporate party or even a holiday birthday party. Holly the Elf can face paint, create glitter tattoos, twist balloon art, and can entertain any size of crowd.

The colorful Artist

The colorful Artist – is who you would like if you want an entertainer but not in costume. The colorful artist is very personable and great with kids and adults alike.

Lilly the Easter Bunny

Lilly the Easter Bunny is fantastic for any spring party or Easter celebration. Lilly is very cute and very approachable and loves to get pictures taken.  She also brings treats or Easter eggs for most events.

Pirate Character

Pirate Character coming soon! Hi-ho buckos if th’ sea be what ye seek then scurvy th’ pirate be what ye need. She gunna brin’ out th’ scurvy pirate in any land lubber. Grab ye swords ‘n rusted hook ‘n off we sail. Make sure ye ask ’bout th’ scurvy pirate parrrty favors available fer ye buccaneers.

About Us

I’m excited for the opportunity to make your party or special event a BIG HIT through face painting and other activities! I started balloon twisting 16 years ago when I needed something to take up my free time. I started twisting balloons in the restaurants that I worked in. At the time I didn’t see a way to make a career out of it. I always liked balloons but had to leave twsiting on the back burner. I had a friend that introduced me to the world of clowning five years ago and everything came together. I learned how to face paint and I have gradually added on activities that are fun and entertaining. When face painting, I love to see a child’s face light up when they look in the mirror. I pride myself on being artistically creative, professional and having an upbeat positive attitude.

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